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Photography Websites

Photography Websites


So you started your photography business, you have all the equipment, a lot of business cards and enthusiasm … all you need is customers.

The obvious place to start is word of mouth. When you leave all your friends, family and business contacts know what you are doing and look for work that way. You can also join a commercial network like BNI or the local Chamber of Commerce to boost the business this way.

Also think about building a website, but with all the different options available to you, you are wondering where to start. What do you plan a simple, modeled and specific option for photography like Wix, or Clikpic Photobiz?

Have you started learning all about HTML / CSS and start creating your own coded photo website from scratch?

Do not look at WordPress and all the wonders they offer?

Whatever you decide to do, do not allow free sites like or All it will do is to frustrate over time and give your business a low-cost and sticky feel.

Do not get me wrong, there is a place for these types of free websites, but this place should be nowhere near your professional photography business.

Over the years, I built my own website and spent 8 years learning the challenges of HTML / CSS coding and various web publishers like Dreamweaver. I also used the pilot sites of people like Big Black Bag, and for some years I have built sites using the platform

After getting all that experience, and my usual way of analyzing how each compares to the other, I decided to start teaching what I’ve learned from other photographers.

You see, it’s not just about building a good website that looks good to anyone who runs, but it’s much deeper than that. You must:

Create a site that is on the Web
Build a site that attracts traffic
Create a site that complies with search engines and its rules and algorithms constantly changing
Create a site that is “sticky” … c. People want to stay in touch to get more
Create a site that is viral … c. What people tell their friends
Create a site that shows in your best light … with only your best work
… building a site that is!
There are so many different variables and things you need to know to make sure your website has the best start possible, it is impossible for me to describe you all here.

I taught some photographers this year for a period of one or two days, how to start and how to build and maintain their own websites and every time I see that it has many ‘AHA’ momentum for it flows into what needs to be done .. And especially why.

Not only that, when people realize the potential of a good website, they become addicted to everything I recommend, because it’s fun to follow all statistics, visitors and results.

After all, your website is not just a website, it is a calling card, the first port of call for many future prospects … It’s your window to the world! Imagine this, you enter the main street and you pass a clothing store that has an outdated mode, a terrible screen and the feeling “is not very nice” … is what you enter?

The store next door offers a brilliant and wonderful display of all the latest and best fashions, at reasonable prices and the whole look is very welcoming and friendly … Do you want to get into this?

This is exactly what people see on websites.

If the home page takes a long time to load, and has no “hook”, no decent photos or why visitors will go deeper, you will lose this potential customer within 5 seconds. If your site is professional, inviting and interesting, while some interactive for the public, you have a better chance that the website works for you.

Where to learn

I run one on one courses in the UK based on a day or two and you will learn everything you need to know about building an impressive photography website that is and you will get more business over the internet over time.

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