Make Your Own Photobooks

Make Your Own Photobooks

Make Your Own Photobooks


As a photographer for decades, I understand the need to constantly update, renew and reinvent yourself and your work.

If you want to stay ahead of the game and continue to lead the way instead of following the package, you have to be innovative, creative and just go out among the masses.

A photographer’s portfolio should not be a static thing … he must be alive and constantly changing as new shoots are developed with new techniques, using new ideas and producing a new and surprising work. It should be updated at least once a year, if not more.

This means not only updating the galleries on your website but your business cards, brochures, flyers and other marketing materials such as photo albums.

Photo albums

Photo albums are by far one of the best marketing tools that a professional photographer can use. They look stunning, they are “yummy” and encourage potential customers to check out and can be left anywhere, including some very prestigious places like a calling card.

The only problem is that they can be expensive to manufacture and produce … often in the hundreds of pounds.

No longer.

A few weeks ago, I spent an entire morning with a photo album producer in Dorset and discovered that they had a way for photographers to produce quality images at low cost.

BUT … the beauty of these books is that, once they are made, it can be dismantled later to update with new internal pages at a very low cost! Genius!

Sounds good?

In an email later, I’ll go into the details of how to make your own photo albums for clients of different styles in, but for now, how do you make your own portfolio of books that you and your business benefit from?


The most obvious answer is for marketing.

And if I told you that (once you have the books that make the machine … the price later) to create a high quality photo album, 30 pages, hard, including freezing the cover (logos / letters ), It would cost less than £ 7 each … would you be interested?

You could have all the necessary equipment in your house, which makes the whole process a breeze from start to finish. The insertion pages could be printed by itself and set in the home or at a small fee, which could be printed in high quality using different types of paper by Opus, the people making the binding machines.

The album has a very quick response for your printing services.

Imagine having 30 copies of an A4 photo book (vertical or horizontal) with a selection of your most favorable work, showing all the different types of shoot. Imagine these photo albums have your entire website and contact information on the home page for all to see. Imagine leaving these books in many places around your county.

Imagine the marketing opportunities and exposure you get by doing this!

At under £ 7 each, I’m sure I would have no problem with any of the above … though over time, they are out of place or mismanaged. If the outer cover is kept in good condition but the inner pages are worn out, you can simply replace the interior pages at a ridiculously low price.

Measurement of cost

Here’s an example of what it will cost to start printing your own photo albums, including a special offer for all readers Photography stuff (oh, and we can ship these machines also abroad).

1 x binding and binding machine (you can create books with up to 150 sheets of 80 gr paper – £ 464.00
1 x float block up to 100 mm x 180 mm (a cost to stamp your logo on the covers) – £ 79
Cost to browse book covers 50 – £ 79
Blankets and channels landscape classic black A4 – or 4.28 per pound;
Portrait covers A4 – £ 3.29 per pound
Note: blankets sold in packs of 10 pairs, in packs of 10 channel per size of spine
In this way, the 30 photo albums with their own logo or letters stamped on the cover would cost:

£ 4.28 x 30 = 128.40 £ more frustrating for £ 79 = £ 207.40 £ or £ 6.91 per pound – horizontal A4
£ 3.29 x 30 = £ 98.70 more frustrating for £ 79 = £ 177.70 or £ 5.92 per pound – Vertical A4
During the lock and the blade machine 543 £
Total cost of 30 A4 landscape books, including block and machine = 750.40 £

Total cost of 30 A4 vertical books, including block and machine = £ 720,70

Once you have the machine, you have unlimited potential po

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