Maximizing the Use of Digital Portfolio PhotoBooks

Maximizing the Use of Digital Portfolio PhotoBooks

Maximizing the Use of Digital Portfolio PhotoBooks


Creative applications of digital photo albums are different. People are often inspired to create a digital photo book when they have a special event in life. They make wonderful gifts and personal memories that are truly appreciated. Its use as professional support as a portfolio, should not be overlooked.

How to start your digital photo portfolio

Maximize the use of digital picture books

The online photo books companies provide software that can take you from start to finish in a process that can take as little as a few minutes. They usually provide a model for many varieties of occasions. The user simply connects to the photo and text files if desired on the models. There is also a wide variety of colors and borders to choose from.

Before you start creating your book, take the time to select and organize your photos. At this point, you can also work on editing. When it is started to start the download process becomes streamlined. A free online publishing tool can be found in Pixlr editor.

It can be useful to inspire you online. Several websites such as Australia’s digital print highlighted photo sample book (samples are shown at the bottom). This can give you ideas about structure, color, proportions and design.

General tips to help you create a great photo book

Maximize the use of digital picture books

Do not overload with many photos. Select the best and leave the rest of the places where they can be demonstrated
Make sure that the quality of the photos is no major flaw, especially if they are to be resized
Run a spelling checker. After the time and money you spend, poorly written work would be a disappointing sore thumb
Diversify your articles. You can use a scanner to file everything, including a baby’s group of hospitals, a graduation, a ticket, a brochure or even a leaf or a pressed flower. Be creative!
Try not to go crazy with the sources. Gripping along the police book create an element that is uniform and visual sound
How to plan your design

Maximize the use of digital picture books

As already mentioned, a digital photo album can range from simple to complex. Your design choices are an important factor influencing this area. If you have a different theme, you are likely to find a satisfactory choice in the model. However, if you have worked with various topics, you may have a greater challenge. The number of images you choose to work on depends on the complexity of your project.
Choosing the background colors that correspond to your photos is a good idea. Some people like to use text boxes to write small descriptions. Keep them informed and to the point is preferred. Change the numbers, sizes and shapes of the images from time to time in order to create visual interest.

Guidance on this topic can be found in greater depth here. In addition, you can try to look for their inspiration.

Questions to Ask When Looking for an Online Photo Book Company

Maximize the use of digital picture books

Are your prices fit my budget?
What is your response time? Do you guarantee the delivery time according to your needs?
Can I customize my own design?
Are your options up to the creative level of the defendant I want?
Is the quality of high paper printed?
Do I want a hard or soft top? Do you have options for both?
Do they offer design tools for the amateur or professional level that I am?
Use your digital photo portfolio to your highest potential

Maximize the use of digital picture books

It is a good idea to have a collection of physical photographs in addition to your electronic device. Instead of dragging on small screens to reveal images to others, or waiting for people to go to a website and click, you are given this experience instantly by placing a book in your hand. You can invite them to explore carefully and you can really take the time to see what hits your attention.

Photography Websites

Photography Websites

Photography Websites


So you started your photography business, you have all the equipment, a lot of business cards and enthusiasm … all you need is customers.

The obvious place to start is word of mouth. When you leave all your friends, family and business contacts know what you are doing and look for work that way. You can also join a commercial network like BNI or the local Chamber of Commerce to boost the business this way.

Also think about building a website, but with all the different options available to you, you are wondering where to start. What do you plan a simple, modeled and specific option for photography like Wix, or Clikpic Photobiz?

Have you started learning all about HTML / CSS and start creating your own coded photo website from scratch?

Do not look at WordPress and all the wonders they offer?

Whatever you decide to do, do not allow free sites like or All it will do is to frustrate over time and give your business a low-cost and sticky feel.

Do not get me wrong, there is a place for these types of free websites, but this place should be nowhere near your professional photography business.

Over the years, I built my own website and spent 8 years learning the challenges of HTML / CSS coding and various web publishers like Dreamweaver. I also used the pilot sites of people like Big Black Bag, and for some years I have built sites using the platform

After getting all that experience, and my usual way of analyzing how each compares to the other, I decided to start teaching what I’ve learned from other photographers.

You see, it’s not just about building a good website that looks good to anyone who runs, but it’s much deeper than that. You must:

Create a site that is on the Web
Build a site that attracts traffic
Create a site that complies with search engines and its rules and algorithms constantly changing
Create a site that is “sticky” … c. People want to stay in touch to get more
Create a site that is viral … c. What people tell their friends
Create a site that shows in your best light … with only your best work
… building a site that is!
There are so many different variables and things you need to know to make sure your website has the best start possible, it is impossible for me to describe you all here.

I taught some photographers this year for a period of one or two days, how to start and how to build and maintain their own websites and every time I see that it has many ‘AHA’ momentum for it flows into what needs to be done .. And especially why.

Not only that, when people realize the potential of a good website, they become addicted to everything I recommend, because it’s fun to follow all statistics, visitors and results.

After all, your website is not just a website, it is a calling card, the first port of call for many future prospects … It’s your window to the world! Imagine this, you enter the main street and you pass a clothing store that has an outdated mode, a terrible screen and the feeling “is not very nice” … is what you enter?

The store next door offers a brilliant and wonderful display of all the latest and best fashions, at reasonable prices and the whole look is very welcoming and friendly … Do you want to get into this?

This is exactly what people see on websites.

If the home page takes a long time to load, and has no “hook”, no decent photos or why visitors will go deeper, you will lose this potential customer within 5 seconds. If your site is professional, inviting and interesting, while some interactive for the public, you have a better chance that the website works for you.

Where to learn

I run one on one courses in the UK based on a day or two and you will learn everything you need to know about building an impressive photography website that is and you will get more business over the internet over time.

How to Create Textures in Photography

How to Create Textures in Photography

How to Create Textures in Photography


The use of light to create the texture of your photographs

When you think of ways to get someone’s attention in your photos, we first cross the color while you see another key element – texture. The way photographers take ordinary materials, infusion of life and immense detail by controlling the light around them.

By working with two main inputs in terms of lighting, you can learn to control the shadows and create an incredible texture in the picture.

1. The angle of light affects the subject

The angle of the light source creates shadows that make the texture become quieter or more intense. Let’s talk about the efficiency of front and side lighting and how it can be used to increase or decrease the light texture of your images.

Tips for photographic lighting before
front light
Lighting applies before the appearance of the texture, as it creates little or no visible shadows. Light attacks all surfaces of the object in the same manner and spread evenly by creating a two-dimensional or “flat” feeling in the image. Think midday or deck lighting. Light attacks all surfaces with the same light and “fills” any irregularities in the subject.

Pro Tip: If you want less texture, move your light source towards the front of your subject.

Photographic Tips Side Lighting
Side lighting
Light Reflections Photographic Tips
Light and reflections
When light hits the side of your object, a shadow is created on the other side. This is what creates the texture of an image.

As your lighting approaches 90 degrees for the subject, created shadows will be stronger and more dramatic.

In some cases, you may not want dramatic shadows produced using pure 90 degree light.

An alternative would be to reduce the angle to smooth textures and shadows. Start with 45 degrees and adjust if necessary.

Pro Tip: Do you want your texture to really look like? Try to direct the light source so that it hits the subject at an angle.


The angles below will help you navigate where you need to place a light source to more or less texture:

0 degrees = no texture
45 degrees = some texture
90 degrees = lots of texture
2. The quality of the light source

Whether you use a flash mounted camera, remote-triggered flash camera, direct light or softbox, you can often change the quality of your light. Severe to light bare light bulbs or direct strobe lights, will create much harder shadows and, therefore, more accurate contrast.

Attributes of the light source

The …

Attributes of the light source

Soft lighting, such as light boxes, softens the shadows and mute the contrast.

Tips for photographic lighting

You have some control of the qualities of light if you can change the position of the light source and the subject. Moving closer subject will make lighting more and more pronounced while outside will give you a softer and more diffuse quality.

To correct imperfections in post-production

By controlling the direction and quality of your light sources in relation to the subject, you can create almost any desired texture in the image. One thing to keep in mind is that intense shooting light can introduce more blemishes or flaws, so do not be afraid to modify and perfect your image after shooting with your favorite photo editor such as Corel PaintShop Pro.

Creating texture in your photographs can be kindly rewarding. However, mastering the art of “seeing” the quality and direction of light than other skills and practice needs. The best way to improve is to get out and shoot. Learn, experiment and do not forget to enjoy the process!

World’s ‘most reliable’ phone: Nokia 3310 resurrected

World's 'most reliable' phone: Nokia 3310 resurrected

World’s ‘most reliable’ phone: Nokia 3310 resurrected


Nokia will relaunch the 3310, perhaps the most beloved and strongest phone in history.

The phone, originally launched in 2000 and in many respects of the modern era of mobile telephony, will be sold as a way to gain a large amount of battery in an almost indestructible body.

The new incarnation of the old 3310 will sell for only € 59 ($ A81), and is likely to be released as a reliable second phone for people who remember the first time.

It will be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress later this month, according to tracer Evan Blass, who first revealed details.

It is still possible to buy on Amazon 3310, but only by the market and not directly from the company itself.

The Amazon list describes a number of features, including a clock, a calculator, the ability to store up to ten reminders and four games: Snake II, Pairs II, Space Impact and Bantumi.

Snake was so dear that it is currently available to users of iPhone, Android and Windows phones to download.

This collection highlights led to the brand as the strongest and most durable phone ever created. Reputation was allowed to become the star of hundreds of memes, and even made people to crush in a hydraulic press.

Nokia has struggled to make its mark in the era of smartphones and ended up being sold to Microsoft. But since then it has focused on success by making new versions of the old phones, including the Nokia 215, which costs $ 29 and lasts for 29 days.

Phones manufactured under the Nokia brand are now sold by Global HMD, a Finnish company that bought the rights to the name. HMD unveil other new mobile phones – Nokia 3, 5 and 6 – in the same MWC event.

Mobile phone could reveal accused Facebook killer’s location

Mobile phone could reveal accused

Mobile phone could reveal accused Facebook killer’s location


The man who killed a stranger in a video uploaded to Facebook told his mother before the shots: “If you see me again it will be a miracle.”

Maggie Green, mother of the murderer accused Steve Stephens, told CNN he had visited Saturday afternoon, before the impact of violence. Later, Mr. Stephens said on the phone that he was “hitting people” because he was “angry with his girlfriend.”

Authorities admit they do not know where the 37 are, who disappeared after firing Robert Godwin Sr, 74, in Cleveland, Ohio, on Sunday.

Five US states are on alert as police, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the hunt children of mental health workers US Marshals Service, who apparently decided to kill M. Godwin at random.

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson said Monday afternoon that a $ 50,000 reward was offered for information leading to the arrest of M. Stephens.

Steve Stephens drew a random 78-year-old victim after drawing in his car and turned the entire episode and then posted on Facebook.Source:
Steve Stephens drew a random 78-year-old victim after drawing in his car and turned the entire episode and then posted on Facebook.Source:
The mobile phone of M. Stephens has posted a sign, or a table, in Erie, Pennsylvania, 165 km northeast of Cleveland, authorities said on CNN, but Cleveland police chief Calvin Williams said his Last confirmed was the scene of the crime.

While the suspect’s mother said her relationship with her ex-girlfriend as a cause of dismissal, M. Williams said there was no “ton nor son.”

“We, at this stage, can not focus on a problem that may or may not have led to this,” he said.

Williams said the detectives spoke with M. Stephens on the mobile phone after the “heinous crime”, but had already crossed the authorities’ knowledge.

“They tried to convince him to turn and, of course, this has not happened to date,” M. Williams told reporters at a news conference on Monday.

Stephens returned to violence because he was angry over his ex-girlfriend Joy Lane, he said in a video posted on Facebook.

She told CBS News in a text message that she was “sorry that all this happened.”

“My heart and my prayers are to the family members of the victim (s),” she wrote.

“Steve is a very nice guy … he’s generous with everyone he knows. He was kind and loving to me and my children.”

In the video, which has since been removed from the social networking site, M. Stephens approached Mr. Godwin and asked him to repeat the name Joy Lane, saying: “That is why this is going to happen to you.”

He pulls the trigger of the gun and the man falls to the ground, blood crushing his face.

As drought looms, could this team of scientists prove cloud seeding works?

drought looms

As drought looms, could this team of scientists prove cloud seeding works?


The researchers had already made four flights in early January, before seeing the first signs of what they were looking for. The crew of meteorological scientists and students of the atmosphere had converged near the pool of the Snake River in Idaho, a horseshoe-shaped depression between the rows of the Rocky Mountains, which is 125 miles wider. Most of the state’s famous bubbles of arable land. Every day, the weather was normal – the ideal amount of super cooled to the ideal temperature and humidity – silver team iodide flew in the lint, baked and looked to see if it were more snow would not have stayed at home and They cling to their money.
It’s called planting clouds. And people sow small seeds in chemical swollen white masses, hoping to change the climate for about 70 years. But after all this time, no one knows for sure how it really works: when, or even if the practice is more snow falling, or how. That’s what the team behind snowie – an acronym for orchestrated and natural winter experience of Idaho winter clouds – came to discover.
“These problems have occurred from the beginning,” said Bob Rauber, a leading snowie researcher and professor of atmospheric science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He studied the phenomenon since the 1970s, although scientists have a computer model that calculates theoretical success, “we do not know if it’s just because we do not validate it,” he says.
On the day of the fifth flight on January 19, 2017, principal investigator Jeff French, assistant professor of atmospheric sciences at the University of Wyoming, was sitting inside a small propeller airplane King Air. The pilot flew at 14,000 feet and then down a few thousand. The air just above them was about 5 to 14 degrees Fahrenheit, which is ideal for the super-cooled liquid needed to make snow. The radar of the enlarged plane, as well as instruments that collect information on pressure, temperature, atmospheric water vapor and wind. Measurements were made in a set of computer processor racks packaged in four places, so it looks like the inside of a sound booth.
The Frenchman knew that about 1,000 feet above a second plane are sprouting silver iodide shoots, cylinders aligned like fireworks cartridges before a show begins. These were either burned in the air, leaving a trail of particles coming down, or coming out of the wings, and burned when gravity was put on Earth. But the French could not see the other plane. In fact, I could not see much at all. This is what flying in a cloud. What he could see was a supply of the aircraft on the real-time radar, which shows the structure of the cloud above and below it, and could see the sizes, shapes and concentrations of clouds of particles.
Beneath it, unseen, the earth has been uneven, with no trees, its highest points, covered with white. When it snows bottom bag of snow every spring, it empties into the basin below, providing Idaho residents not only water, but also domestic electricity from hydroelectric dams that have a large part of the state.
The loom above the French flew back and forth, leaving the silver iodide and, if successful, the zigzags drift snow in the mountains. His plane then sailed through these panels, instruments capable of seeing what the Frenchman himself might not: he could detect peaks of reflectivity which meant that the ice crystals flourished, he saw them travel with the times and discern perhaps if the snow appeared Where the chemicals of money fell.

How to go ultralight camping

How to go ultralight camping

How to go ultralight camping


During a one-way walk, spending the night outside takes more preparation than just for a day of hiking. But no fear: they do not have the need to prepare an expedition to the Himalayas. Here is how to prepare for a walk at night without breaking the bank or back.
Firstly: if you start a multi-day hike in summer you will habilez as you would when the day light (see this guide for ultralight hiking) and provide the same essentials. You still want to make light shorts, a T-shirt or a synthetic shirt and hiking boots. While hiking shoes can be enough on a day trip with a light of your backpack will be half to hike all year round, so you want good solid shoes that overlap around the ankles.
Since you spend at least one night out, in addition to the day of hiking supplies, you will train with additional equipment. That is, you will need equipment for shelter, heat and food.
Where to stay
You can spend the night outside without making a tent. This is because some of the campgrounds offer Adirondack type shelters that provide a roof over your head and three walls, with an open front. But it is risky to trust them. If you arrive at the end of the day and find that it is full, you could be forced to spend the night outside, and if it rains, you are in trouble. Your best option is to pack an tent or emergency tent. Maybe you will not have to use them, especially if you are traveling with a camping shelter, but it never hurts to be prepared.
Black diamond
Mega Light Carpa.
Black diamond
Black Diamond is a solid tent option called Mega Light, which weighs less than three pounds and has an incredibly simple design: a single central pole holds up like a circus tent. The result is ample and pleasant, but there are also drawbacks. You will need a cloth underneath it, and stakes to keep the edges down, which could make setting up a delicate store wooden pallet. In addition, insects can pass through the gaps between the edges of the tent and the ground. Although the Mega light is not a perfect solution for everyone, it still offers a small place to spend the night. You can pick one up in the amount of $ 290.

A more traditional tent has plenty of appeal. These independent floors and shelters include a waterproof rain that exceeds the campaign itself. But you do not need to buy a premium that says “North Face” or “Mountain Hardware” on the side and it seems to be the Everest base camp. Companies like Nemo, MSR and REI are lightweight stores two people who can keep perfectly comfortable for three seasons. Their price tags range from $ 200 to $ 400.

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