Life after you graduate: what are the best options for you?

Life after you graduate

Life after you graduate: what are the best options for you?


When you start college, it seems like you always have to decide for yourself what to do after graduation. Although some people may have knowledge since the new week where they were after college, many did not start considering it until last year.
There are many options for students at the end of the year, graduate programs to work abroad to continue their studies. Whether you’ve always known what you want to do after finishing your degree or think recently, it’s important to know what your options are and what suits you best.
There is a choice of background: work or additional studies. But even those who have a number of ways, so it is important to understand what is the place you want to go in life.
Career guidance centers, graduate offices and career fairs, either on campus or by organized groups such as Gradireland, are extremely useful. You should use them to talk to affected people, get information and find the best route for your favorite career.
Talking to people who have worked or studied in the area you are interested in, it is also a good way to try to plan the next step. Universities and colleges usually have students who can contact you if you are going to study more, while many companies are happy to put you in touch with the people in your graduate program so they talk about your experience.
Taking this first job
After three or four years of study, many students are happy to see the end of homework, exams and a diet of cereal and baked beans. For those, getting into the world of work is the logical way and it seems to be a good time to be a graduate looking for a job.
“I am very optimistic for the graduates right now,” said Ger Lardner career counselor with the support and development center for students at the University of Dublin City.
Lardner has increased the number of companies hiring graduates in recent years, with “talent wars” among multinational companies from all sectors.
“Businesses are looking for the best and brightest students … There was a huge increase in IT in the last two years, but finance and business are still very strong.There is also an increase in companies looking for language, But in general, companies want very good students in all disciplines. They want a mix of quantitative and creative people who can bring different talents to the company, “Lardner said.
With companies facing graduate students at fairs, they also go to universities to recruit. DCU is already booked, with recruitment sessions for lunch until the middle of the second half. And while this is perhaps not for everyone, there are certainly many benefits for married graduates going directly to a job.
“One of the advantages is that you can use your skills very quickly without losing them,” Lardner said. “If you want to lie down in this country and establish yourself, you are in network and contacts at a very young age, you will bless.
“Also some students want to travel and there are many large organizations, in particular, who want their graduates to be traveling, this is part of Kingspan’s job, for example, it seems graduates.” They do not apply if you are not ready to board a plane. “Although Cavan is based, they operate in a global environment. So if you want to work and travel, you can be smart about it and do both.”
Spending your degree work cycle also gives you the opportunity to understand your strengths and weaknesses. You will be able to identify if there is a particular part of the area where you could specialize or if it is still the type of job for you. This is something that can often be gained from practical experience.
For those who work, it is also possible to undertake studies with a part-time postgraduate course, which can be financed by your work. Some people may even have paid the company for their subsequent education while obtaining the study license and awards for their good performance on the exams.

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